Day 20 19.7 Miles

Originally planned only of going to Hogback Ridge Shelter tonight but decided to push a bit further so I’d have some time for relaxation and resupply in Erwin. The first 10 miles or so getting to Rector Lane was mostly downhill and I had a chance for an early lunch at Flint Ridge Shelter before the two big climbs of the day. Got to meet Neemore on the way to the shelter and he said he was pulling big mike days and that he hiked the PCT a couple years ago as well as the AT in 2015. He was friendly fellow and was kind of humorous which was good for my state of being. Sometimes there is too much time by myself during the day and so I try to appease it with longer breaks at shelters and music. I grinded out the tunes today before the first major climb and it was a doozy. The second one not to bad getting to Hogback but I was out of water by the time I got there and it was another 0.3 to get water from the shelter. Why can’t they build shelters 15 ft from water. Decided to push on to Sams Gap crossing I26 underpass. Kind of weird seeing an interstate after so many days. Couldn’t find a decent campsite at Sams Gap so I had to get up to a meadow and lay low for the night, storm is on its way in for the night. Got in just before sunset and sure was beautiful peaking down below mountains I probably already passed over. Boiled some ramen for dinner and called it a night.