Awoke early, around 730 or so when all the rustling began and started down the trail with Angelou after a breakfast of oatmeal and muesli. This time there was no rain when I started so I was most thankful for that. Eventually I reached Gooch Gap and me and Angelou parted ways and I kept heading north toward Woody Gap. I felt I was making good time today and was in a groove. The climb up Blood Mountain was pretty strenuous but the views or definitely worth it once at the top where I had stop for lunch. Interesting thing about Blood Mountain Shelter is that it made entirely of wood, which is unique in that most of the shelters I have seen throughout my life are made of wood. Hiked down Blood Mountain alongside Jukebox from the U.K. and it was fun to hear stories about the PCT. Arrived in Neels Gap around 3 or so bought a room at the Mountain Crossing hostel with a shower and a frozen pizza . Did I say hot shower!!