Day 33 15.8 Miles

More rain again today, this time it was off and on with isolated thunderstorms. Left Damascus around 10 after packing up my stuff, resupplying at the Dollar General, and eating a Subway sandwich up the trail near Sundog Outfitters. All of the local restaurants including Hey Joes, Old Mill, Mojos either weren’t open or don’t open till later. Mojos gave their employees the day off since Trail Days was crazy. Through the first part of the day the trail ran parallel to the famous Virginia Creeper Bike Trail the switchbacked up to Saunders Shelter which was a quarter mile off trail. Grabbed some lunch and met Tropical and maybe her boyfriend? Her name is Tropical because she is from South Florida and grows all kind of tropical fruit from mangos to bananas. After they left the Blue Bunny arrived as well as B-roll, I hadn’t seen him since he named me Whippersnapper back at Double Springs Shelter in the GSMNP. What a pleasant surprise!

And then the rain started and did not really stop until I got to the next shelter. It rained so hard that the trail had many rivers gushing down them. I need a boat. Feet soaked and everything else I made it into the next shelter where it was full, the Trail Day party slacker group was there in full occupancy of the shelter so I quickly set my hammock up before the next episode of downpours. Just in time. Got out of my wet clothes and into my “dry” ones and hunkered down inside my tarp to make Mac and Cheese just before nightfall. I hope this rain holds off tomorrow, but hey it builds character out here.