Day 37 18.3 Miles

Got out of the shelter as quickly as possible to get as many miles in before the approaching rainstorm and to also get away from a few people from the night before. Got into an old school, the Lindamood School that was used starting in 1894 and is now turned into a museum for tourists. As soon as I rounded the corner more Trail Magic! The local Methodist church out of Atkins were grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and later they even brought banana pudding, cakes, and lemon pie once the congregation ended in the morning. It was awfully nice. While there I might some really good quality hikers, Traveling Foxes from Australia and also got a chance to talk to Poppins some more who was the forestry guy I met back in Hot Springs. I asked the Aussie couple more questions and found out that they have biked over 19000 miles around several countries including Latin America and South America and were now giving biking a rest to hike the trail. He was also a traveling nurse and make a bit of money in a 6 month stint then travel the rest with his wife who I believe worked at a bank. We even shared the same experience of traveling to Nepal and trekking in the Himalayans. What an awesome couple. I caught back up with them at night while I was cooking dinner along with Poppins and had a blazing fire. It was much needed to talk to some good people after experiencing some more difficult on days before.