Day 48 15.3

Enjoyed the early morning views of Tinker Cliffs and got a chance to look back at McAfee Knob. Ferrari and Lil Dipper caught up with me and we ended up hiking the rest of the day into Daleville. All I was thinking about getting into town was food. After 8 miles I finally made it to VA 220 where I walked down to Outdoor Trails to pick up my summer sleeping bag and grabbed some coffee nearby. Then something awesome happened. At the end of the day yesterday I got a FB message from Derek Quirin who is the dad of Ellie the Baby on the AT telling me that his parents would love to host me at their house for the night. Seriously!? I haven’t slept in a real bed in 47 days and they were going to feed me even! I called Danny, dad of Derek to arrange a pickup at Outdoor Trails and went back home with them. Really nice people all around. I got my laundry done, dried some clothes, sprayed my clothes with premertherin and chowed down on some burgers and salmon. Somehow mysteriously they knew I loved salmon and I lived in Alaska for a bit of my life. The conversation at the dinner table involved the topics of where I was from, the question of fracking, and the Quirin family. Derek, Ellie, and Bekah I learned are up in Maine making their way south to home currently. I got to see pictures of Maine and I also got a chance to show some pictures of my travels on my website. It was a very good night and am thankful for good people like this in the world. Thanks for hosting me and the wonderful hospitality.