Day 7 Muskrat Creek Shelter to Betty Creek Gap 15.7 Miles

Packed up camp pretty slowly with the idea of only ending at Carter Gap Shelter, but ended up going further because of daylight. Trying to maximize the daylight hours and mileage without hurting yourself is a fear in itself. Some people I’ve met only shelter hop, but I’d like to have some time at resupply points to relax and not feel in a hurry to get food and other essentials. My next resupply should be in Franklin, NC.

Enjoyed the gentle climb up Standing Indian Mountain today toward the beginning of hike. Noticed a lot of fire damage on the way up as well on the summit and the backside. Wonder when that happened? The weather was beautiful in my opinion not too sunny where I will burn and not too cloudy where there is no visibility down below. Decided to camp right before Albert Mountain and make the climb in the early morning tomorrow. Lot of thru hikers camped in the same spot including Giggles, Tom, some new older man named George (ex military), some other guy who is paying someone to carry the majority of his weight, and a couple other people that I haven’t formally introduced too. Cowboy camping tonight only using a tarp above with a ground cloth down below, hope it doesn’t rain at all.

Hopefully resupply day in Franklin will be fun and restful as well. Should be crossing 100 mikes tomorrow if you don’t count the Approach trail.