Day 8 12.2 miles Betty Creek Gap to Moore Creek Campsite

In the morning climbed up and over Albert Mountain. The views were absolutely stunning from ontop of the observation tower. Had a scrawny stray dog follow me periodically down Albert. Heard later that a group fed it a few nibblets and called an animal hospital about him. All I remember coming down from Albert was getting to Winding Stair Gap to have enough time to get a shuttle and to possibly resupply in town or stay overnight in Franklin. Luckily, Tom eventually caught up with me after Rockfish Gap Shelter and we climbed one more small peak before coming to Winding Stair Gap. Awesome! A shuttle waiting for us and even a fresh supply of bananas, clementines, and apples. Jim the shuttle driver is retired from industrial engineering lives in Franklin and has been shuttling thru hikers for several years now. Said he’s bored and only asks for donations because he’s drawing a pension. What a kind gentleman. He recommended the Asian King close to the Walmart, so me and Tom enjoyed the ride down, cleaned our backpacks, put on our suit and tie, and chowed down on some Asian cuisine. At one point during the feast I told Tom not to talk to me for the next 20 minutes cause I wanted to savor the flavor. I believe I counted about 8 full plate full of food and even some sushi. Mmmm. I highly recommend the Asian King or buffet style restaurant for anyone that is hungry out there. Next, we walked with our backpacks on over to the Americas greatest store, the Walmart. Since we didn’t have any place to store our packs we chucked them into grocery carts and resupplied our stuffsacks like real mountain men. Tom bought about 5 cases of Clifbars and I think we should give him a trail nickname of Clifbar. Didn’t ask why, but I recall him saying that he eats like ) a day. Had a lot of lookers in the store, it was kinda of fun. When we checked out we headed outside the door to the patio section of Walmart where there was some local shade and ripped open boxes to fill our food bags. I think my food bag weighs more than it ever has since starting the trip. This will be a fun next 3 or 4 days.

Called our good man Jim back and he picked us up in front of Walmart to give us a ride back up to “home”. He set a personal record for the day for about 9 trips there and back again. The Macon County Transit doesn’t run on Saturdays, since it’s government affiliated. We ended up hiking a mile or so up the trail to Moore’s Creek and set up camp. I redoctored my blistered toe and even washed a few staunchy clothes in Scrubba wash bag. Pretty nifty little tool. Caught back up with Devin (Fried Green Tomatoes) and Marcus who I met at the Top of the Georgia. They are trying to pull to the NOC to resupply as well starting with a lot more weight from previous Dicks Creek Gap. Showed Marcus some tricks on the bear bag throwing and called it a night. Overall it was good day and I’m glad we made good time down into Franklin for a short stop.