While out on the trail I carried the Classic Give’r Gloves made by Give’r in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Before leaving, I tried to find a glove that would be semi waterproof and but also breathe while being on my hands and these gloves fit the bill very effectively. These gloves paired with my OR Versaliner mitts performed well on a cold rainy day for the entire day while using my hiking poles. I would definitely carry them in my pack every single time even on short weekenders.  I used them on rainy days but also for bouldering type conditions in the White Mountains as well as in parts of Maine where the rock was scraping the hands. Since winter is approaching Give’r also makes  a 4 season glove that has won the 2018 Backcountry Magazine Best of 2018


  • Shed the rain effectively when it was raining for long periods of up to 10 hours
  • Great for bouldering and hiking when trail is nearly vertical (ie Whites Mtns) and rocky
  • Used in collecting lots of firewood and processing firewood or doing some trail work


  • Bit bulky and heavy for the ultarlight backpacker. Look into the Lightweight Give’r Glove not Classic Glove if weight is a concern.
  • Did not dry that fast, but that is just leather in general.