While backpacking the Appalachian Trail sometimes communication is difficult with a smartphone especially when you have a trail family down the trail that you want to communicate to right before an upcoming trail town or trail crossing and cell phone service does not exist. In the woods where you don’t have many cell phone towers or routers a goTenna Mesh device can greatly help in your adventure. 


  • One goTenna Mesh device weighs around 1.7 oz. Great to clip on the outside of pack and keep walking for long distances
  • The LiPo rechargeable battery life lasts around one full day. Add this with a Anker Power Supply and you could walk for at least a week on a steady power supply
  • Delivery confirmation when texting so that you know that the other party definitely got your message. 
  • Does not rely on satellite locations but a 1 watt UHF radio waves. I tried it in the field and got at least a 4 mile range with the device. This is highly dependent on topographic profile of landscape. 


  • Would be awesome if range was longer and worked off satellites so that you could talk to anyone anywhere kind of like an InReach or Spot Device. They are working on this idea with the “meshing idea” but the other people in your network have to have the device.