While on the trail for long distance hikers gear maintenance and repair is often overlooked as not being that important. When your shorts or puffy rips most thru hikers from what  I noticed went online to Amazon Prime to buy new gear or they just traded out there nice lightweight piece of gear for something a bit heavier at hostels in the Hiker Box. Instead of doing this I used NoSo Puffy Patches to repair parts of my sleeping bag and even used one when I had a downpour and the seam seal on my tarp wasn’t working properly. It worked like a charm. 


  • When you are hungry and tired after a long day of hiking the least you want to do is try to push a thread through a needle, just stick a patch on it. 
  • Works a TON better than duct tape which gums up on the sides of things and doesn’t stick after several dryings 
  • Save money on gear not having to buy a brand new expensive puffy jacket or sleeping bag, which breaks everyone bank
  • Design is much more fun and expressive than a boring rectangular piece of duct tape. The patches come in a variety of shapes and sizes including mustaches, stars, and even skull and crossbones!