While hiking the AT for 5 months I had the opportunity to try out some of Tree Tribes Wayfarer Bamboo Frames thanks to one of my sponsors, Tree Tribe . As a backpacker I absolutely loved them. On sunny days when I first started back in VA and GA they worked like a charm, feeling  sleek and almost weightless wrapping around the entirety of my head providing maximum sunlight protection. The cool thing about these shades is that they are made from handcrafted  100% real bamboo, float in water, and the company plants 10 trees on every purchase in parts of eastern Africa and even Nepal. To current date they have planted 115, 780 trees (See Tree Map)  Tree Tribe appreciates the planet and wants to make a difference in the world spreading positive vibes and representing the world in an eco-friendly way….which is different from many other companies in the world.  In the past I’ve used many kinds of sunglasses such as Oakley, Suncloud, Native but they were all plastic and they eventually broke. These glasses are completely wooden and  lasted a long time.

I was kind of surprised that even when water penetrated the surface ( I kept them in the top of my pack when I wasn’t wearing them) that the bamboo never faded or whitened as wood tends to do when wet. I highly recommend these sunglasses not only for their product but also for the environmental conscience effort they are making in trying to make the planet a better place by planting trees. If you don’t like sunglasses they also just came out with new line of teak leather bags and their stainless steel double insulated water bottles are one of the best out on the market.  Go check them out!