Top of the evening to ya! So for one of my favorite holidays of the year instead of drinking green beer I decided to do an overnighter around the Abrams Creek Area in the GSMNP and to stay at Campsite 2 off the Cane Creek Trail. I knew rain was in the forecast so I made a run for it to further refine and test some of my gear. I know I’m pretty crazy.  It’s probably been the best testing so far because I got to really know if my shelter system was semi water resistant. The rains came around 12 and lasted until 7 in the morning, with brief moments of thunder and lightening.  I luckily stayed completely dry in my zero degree Hammock Gear quilt the whole night. I was all smiles the next morning as well as a bit hungry. What saved me was leaving several inches of overlap from my tarp above me and the tieouts on my hammock. Setup/technique is the key! 

Summay audio file before camping for the night: 

To make things easier and to also hear more of the Trail or maybe just put you to sleep I’m going to periodically include audio files from days hiking. It is much easier for me to just talk into a recorder than trying to type on a tiny keyboards from an iPhone, especially after a long winded wet day. 

In addition to the audio file here’s a few using Gaia GPS:

Overall it was a good last couple of days, there are a few gear items that I will purchasing in the next couple of days that would add weight to my pack but will increase comfort and durability in the long run. I’m waiting till the end of March to the first few days in April finalize any sponsorships then I will let everyone know what is going on in that category. I still don’t have an official start date but it is looking like the last week in April depending on my girlfriends schedule. 

Didn’t see any leprechauns out there or find any pot of gold while I was hiking, guess they were all hiding from the rain or something. Bummer!